Singletrack Trails Closed

Published: February 12, 2024

Due to rising temperatures, we are closing all singletrack trails again for the foreseeable future.  This closure applies to all users, including hikers, fat bikers, snowshoers, etc.  Please adhere to closure signs to help preserve the trails for all to enjoy when the time is right.

Why do we close the trails?  When the surface begins to thaw our trails become vulnerable to damage that is very expensive and labor intensive to repair.  That ribbon of smooth trail through the woods is not there naturally or by accident.  RASTA volunteers invest hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to build and maintain them.  Regrettfully, this weekend we discovered the damage below at Washburn Trail that had occured during our previous closure.  Someone disregarded our signs.  Volunteers will have to spend many, many hours repairing this damage that took one person mere minutes to create.

This season has been hard for all to endure.  Please be patient, good stewards of the trials and help us educate others who might not understand.

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  1. JoAnne Rajek

    You should blow up this picture and post it with your explanation above. Many people may not fully understand the implications when they disregard the closure notice.

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