About Us

RASTA (Rhinelander Area Silent Trails Association) is a non-profit organization, founded by a group of silent sports enthusiasts dedicated to non-motorized recreational use of lands open to the public. From the beginning RASTA has promoted, sustained and improved a number of local hiking, biking, snowshoe and ski trails.  Over the years RASTA has expanded our support and service to public trails to include building and grooming trails for multi-use year-round silent sports recreation.

Each year our volunteers put in hundreds of hours maintaining, managing and building trails.  Volunteers work in the field, fundraise, manage grants and contracts, promote trails, and sponsor public events in support of silent sport opportunities.

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In 2024, RASTA will celebrate our 20th anniversary!  Since 2004, we have accomplished much through the support of our members, partners and dedicated trail stewards. Here’s a look at some of our achievements in 2023: 

  • Added an additional 4 miles of groomed snowshoe/fatbike trails at Washburn
  • Added a fourth parking lot on Cassian Trail to increase access
  • Completed a significant reroute of the Cassian Trail to improve summer access and winter grooming 
  • Purchased a new shed at Washburn Trails to house a newly purchased snowmobile and a donated ATV to be used for trail maintenance 
  • Built numerous necessary trail reroutes and turnarounds at Mud Lake, Washburn and Enterprise to increase the safety of users, improve grooming of winter trails and ensure the sustainability of our trails.
  • Worked closely with our partners at Oneida County to ensure trails are protected during and restored after timber harvests.   
  • Purchased a new groomer and snowmobile, as well as maintained our existing fleet of trail building and maintenance equipment
  • Renewed trail blazes, updated trail maps and added a kiosk to improve access and safety on our trails
  • Routinely mowed and weed whacked ski and bike trails, as well as cleared debris and fallen trees after storm events.

RASTA 2022 Major Accomplishments

    • Cassian:  In partnership with the County provided oversight of logging impact on ski trail.  Extended elevated boardwalk with donated materials to improve access by grooming equipment.  Rounded sharp corners of the ski trail and smoothed ski deck.

    • Enterprise: Brushed and widened narrow sections of trail.  Smooth deck in several sections of the trail.  Enterprise Google map available for download.

    • Mud Lake: Reopened sections of the Pines Loop.  Constructed key reroutes to Black Trail and Pines Loop.  Updated summer and winter maps and signed summer trail.  Mud Lake Google maps available for download.

    • Nose Lake: Rounded 120 degree corner on east loop.  Expanded parking lot.

    • Washburn: Kathy’s Loop – restoration and reshaping, Red Trail post #14 to #15 – restoration, ski trail grading and resloping of chronic erosion problems.  Opened a groomed fat tire bike route on No BS & More BS.

    • Events: Summer and winter group bike rides, Snowshoe Hare, RASTA Rally and WEMS Rock n Root races


RASTA Long-Term Accomplishments

  • Helped Oneida County fund and build the Judy Swank Perch Lake Shelter
  • Built & maintains 30 miles of single track trail for mountain biking, snow biking, hiking, and snowshoeing.
  • Grooms & maintains 30 miles of xc-ski trails, from beginning to advanced, for both classic and skate skiing.
  • Fundraising for trail projects including; grant management, funding campaigns, membership and donations.
  • Purchased trail building & grooming equipment to maintain quality trails.
  • Apply for and receive grants such as:

RASTA 5 Year Plan (2020-2025)



RASTA and the Oneida County Forestry, Land and Recreation Department formed a partnership to provide the public with outstanding recreational opportunities on County Forest Lands.


  • RASTA contributes funding, volunteer work and trail expertise.
  • The County contributes, funding, grant administration, access to forest properties, staff time, maintenance and heavy equipment operation.  

  • The County and RASTA partner to secure grants to improve and develop trails. 

  • The County contracts with RASTA to groom and maintain over 30 miles of ski trail, which includes 8 miles of Fat Tire Bike Trail.

  • RASTA has developed over 37 miles of single track bike trails, added 7 miles of ski trail and blazed over 8 miles of designated snowshoe trails on County forest lands.

For more information, email [email protected].