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Published: May 9, 2024

The Rhinelander Northwoods Composite (RNC) team is looking to raise funds

2023 RNC Team Photo
The Rhinelander Northwoods Composite (RNC) is a youth mountain bike team and a member of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). RNC provides mountain bike riding and racing opportunities locally for youth in grades 6 – 12. NICA’s mission is to build strong minds, bodies, and communities through cycling.


Help us grow this exciting opportunity for Rhinelander area youth! Your donations will help keep the cost of participating lower for new families and help the team purchase necessary equipment.

Go to to visit the GoFundMe Page.

About the campaign

The rest of the story

The popularity of youth cycling continues to grow here in the Northwoods, including a multitude of disciplines from BMX to Mountain Biking. The result is more kids on bikes participating in a healthy, outdoor activity! The RNC is a unique opportunity for youth to safely learn and experience the growing sport of mountain biking with peers and mentors. As mountain biking opportunities increase in our area thanks to organizations such as LAMBO LAMBA, and RASTA, it is our vision to see more and more youth on the trails. RNC helps do that!

What we do

The RNC practices twice a week from mid-July through mid-October at the Washburn Trails system. All participants are given the opportunity to race 5 times annually around the state. In 2024, we are excited to host the first NICA race to be held in Rhinelander. Approximately 1000 families from around the state will be visiting Rhinelander! We hope to use this opportunity to help raise awarenss about the sport amongst the youth within the community. In addition, RNC is hosting two try-it out events this summer to help recruit new teammates. Keeping the cost of participation for kids low is key to helping us increase the accessibility of the sport to new families in our area.

fundraising needs
RNC is fundraising to help keep costs low for new families. Cost can certainly be a barrier to youth participating in the sport. Expenses include bikes, helmets, race registration, and a cycling kit. Beyond the individuals’ expenses, the team has additional needs including equipment and supplies to keep our riders safe and nourished during practices and races.
Immediate needs. The RNC has been very fortunate to have been able to “borrow” a personally owned trailer from coaches in recent years. The trailer is an integral tool in allowing the team to transport tools and equipment. With a forthcoming transition in leadership at the conclusion of the upcoming season, the team will need to procure a trailer of their own by summer 2025 – a cost of $3500. In addition, the team is in need of a new portable bike rack, kits and race supplies, including tubes chains, and race nutrition. Thanks to a generous grant from the Rhinelander Community Foundation, the team is off to a good start!
Rasta's Role

Since 2016, RASTA has helped promote youth cycling by sponsoring the RNC and by providing safe and fun trails for individuals of all ages and abilities to enjoy. RASTA is the fiscal sponsor of the RNC.

Girls before NICA race
6ths before NICA Race


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