Washburn,Nose Lake, and Cassian update 3/18

We are nearing the end of grooming for the season.  It has been decided to cease grooming of Cassian for the season, mainly because the Gator(our only working vehicle at Perch lake) is behaving a little erratic, and needs servicing.  Washburn’s skate deck was cleaned up this morning, but we didn’t touch the landfill loop, Judy’s loop, or the Cassian connection trail.  Again we are trying to keep the Gator close to the garage.  For Nose Lake, since our grooming technology replacement is dated we can’t groom the trail the way we like because wiping out old tracks and snowmobile tracks is unlikely.  Once it turns icy, likely later this week we will be unable to groom Nose Lake, as our groomer lacks teeth.