Washburn,Nose Lake, and Cassian update 12/17

There is good news and bad news regarding the condition of the three trails.  First, the good news.  Washburn was groomed completely this morning.  The groomers were able to set deep tracks, but did  report there are some soft spots, which is to be expected with the snowfall we received. Also you can use your good skis.  As of this report, Cassian is being groomed, and should be ready for tomorrow.

Now the bad news, Nose Lake was to be groomed today, but a number of mechanical, and electrical issues prevented that from occurring.  After the dead battery, I was able to start tracking the west loop.  About 3/4 to 2/3 got a nice track.  The remaining segment didn’t get tracked due to no electronics and the track setter fell off, and could not be re-attached.  The east loop was rolled yesterday, but not tracked.

A word of caution for all three trails.  A lot of snow is still hanging on many branches, unfortunately above our reach, so there could still be some falling snow as well as falling branches.  The groomers spent  the last three days working on removing a lot of low hanging branches, and downed trees.  New low branches are showing up everyday.