Washburn,Nose Lake and Cassian 12/31

After 8+ inches of snow, it took us a while , but Washburn and Nose Lake are ready for skiing.

Washburn needs a little touch up, which should be completed early tomorrow.  Some classic tracks were put down today, but not in all sections.  The skate deck is all done

Nose Lake was retracked today.  If tonights temperatures drop, the tracks should firm up for some nice a New Year ski.

We could not get to Cassian today.  If Cassian is like Washburn and Nose Lake, we are expecting a lot of debris and bent over trees/branches above the trail.  It is possible that tomorrow we may begin trying to clear, and prep the trail.


    1. Sorry about that Ann. Its really hard to explain why it is done last. Trying not to make excuses but, it is a combination of manpower, equipment, the nature of the Cassian trail as opposed to Washburn(Cassian has to be completed in one action, while Washburn can be groomed in segments), and since classic skiers have multiple options w/in the Oneida County system where skaters are confined to Washburn. As a skier myself, Cassian is one of my favorites too. The combination of ecosystems makes it an aesthetically pleasing experience. A snow event like yesterday really slows us down, with trees and branches reaching over the trails. Tomorrow our groomer will be out cleaning up Cassian, but I know his work and progress will be slow and tedious. We strive to get all three trail systems up and running as soon as possible, but sometimes its out of our hands.

  1. You were right. Nose Lake trail on Monday was fabulous! Thank you very much to the volunteer that groomed Sunday night. I hope they were able to enjoy the trail.

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