Washburn,Cassian, Nose Lake update 2/4

As you would expect the weekend meltdown left all three trail systems very icy.  It did not leave our groomers very workable snow.  However, we did get out and tear things up.

Nose Lake was tracked on Monday, and is very skiable.  I skied both loops today, and I had a great ski.  The tracks are a little icy, but not bad.  I had no difficulty in maintaining control.  Besides any downhill slope was fast, but not dangerously so.

Cassian was ripped up and tracked  today.  Upon observation the tracks look similar to those on Nose Lake.  Our groomer did reports a few spots that he was not happy with.

Washburn had its skate deck refurbished yesterday, but unfortunately it froze again.  This has left Washburn dangerous.  With that said, tomorrow our groomers will be out tearing up the deck and making in skiable.  As for the classic tracks they were not touched yesterday, and are dangerously icy.  We would recommend that skiers stay off of Washburn until late tomorrow afternoon, or wait until Thursday.  By Thursday, every it will be ready for skaters and classic skiers.

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  1. I really appreciate updates like this. Thanks for taking the time to share these reports!
    Thank you also for all of the skill and dedication grooming these trails.

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