Washburn,Cassian, and Nose Lake update 12/22

Well skiers, its been a dry week.  The promised snow didn’t materialize, except for a dusting on Wed.  However our trails are still open, but you may want to use those “B” skis.

We brushed up the Washburn trail yesterday.  With the lack of snow, debris is beginning to collect, and the deck is thinning in a few spots, but its is still very skiable.  Also keep in mind there are no classic tracks at Washburn.

For Cassian and Nose Lake we didn’t do anything with the tracks that were put down last week.  Cassian has had less travel on it than Nose Lake, and the tracks were still looking ok, but like Washburn, debris is collecting in the tracks.  The wetland stretch between Goodyear Lake Rd. and Timber Lake Rd, is rough.

At Nose Lake, the track was hanging in there, but has seen a lot of traffic, not only from skiers, but deer.  More vegetation is poking through on the East Loop, especially in the open areas.   Also some small bare spots are appearing in the logged area.   In the woods, the track was still ok.    On the West Loop, more pine needles are making their way into the track, but it is not widespread.

Until more snow arrives, we are shutting down our grooming operations for fear of making things worse.

With that said, we’re wishing everyone a Happy Holiday season, and happy skiing.

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