Washburn,Cassian, and Nose Lake grooming 12/3

Two feet of snow and downed trees and branches are a recipe for slow grooming.  Together they are making life challenging for our groomers.  We are making progress, but painstaking slow.

Nose Lake was packed and rolled yesterday and today.  The plan is to have tracks down by tomorrow noon.

Washburn is is not as close to having all trail segments up and running.  As of this morning, about 1/2 of the trail system has been pack and rolled.  it is suitable for skiing, but not the best.  Tomorrow morning the groomers will be out and setting the deck and classic tracks on those segments that were rolled.  Our plan is to have everything ready by the weekend.

Cassian has not been touched, and probably won’t be until Friday at the earliest.  Even then, it may only be packed and rolled.

Please be patient, we are working as fast as possible.