Washburn,Cassian, and Nose Lake 2/22

Well, we got another 2 inch snowfall, but unfortunately the temperatures are not going to cooperate.  Since  we are going to have rising temps., if we try to groom it, the snow will not have enough time to set up.  So we are letting this new snow sit until Wednesday evening when temperatures are predicted to fall, then we will head out to groom it.  Please be patient.


  1. Someone carelessly walked a horse on the beaver lake rd short loop on Sunday 2/21 so when cold enough if U can get to it….kind of a mess there. So grateful 4 all U do.

    1. Thank you Patt. We are aware of the horse intrusion. It was two horses that got out of the pen that paid the trail a visit. We will be grooming Cassian either Thursday or Friday(weather dependent).

      Dennis Zielinski

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