Washburn trail update 12/13

The skate deck was set today. The snow that we received was fairly dry, and grainy, therefore the deck is not in mid season shape. A few dirt spots did arise today, so be aware of that. The deck will be a little bumpy, again due to the snow not compacting as we had hoped. Our plans for setting classic tracks are on hold for now, again because of the type of snow we have. Other than that, skiers should have a positive experience…especially for it being only Dec.13.

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  1. Thanks for the update. I groomed the high school, and what I observed is that the snow packed down nice, but since there isn’t a base that this compacted snow isn’t really stuck to anything. Therefore, even though there is a nice 3-4 inch base, its kind of loose. Once we get a freeze/thaw, things should firm up and the deck will be better. But boy, does it look nice out there.

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