Washburn, Nose Lake update 1/24

Washburn has had its deck brushed over, and new track were set yesterday.  Be aware there is scattered vegetation trhoughout the trail system.  The new tracks are not deep, since we missed out on the deeper snows of earlier this week.  We have been receiving fluffy snow showers since 1/22, but its not amounting to a great deal.  It is not the best for track setting.

For Nose Lake, the track has not been reset in two weeks.  However, the track is holding up very nicely.  Again the new snow is not providing a good surface to track, and what is below the new snow is rock hard.  I skied the west loop this afternoon, and had a pleasant ski.  The new snow was slowing my glide, but if you somebody broke trail for you, it was better.  The open stretches of the trail were drifitng over.  Areas below the pines have a slightly thinner track. Not much if any vegetation is poking through.  I used good skis(but that is all I have).