The fat tire & snow shoe trail at Washburn was just groomed on Friday 1/27. Groomer did two laps out to No BS and two laps around No BS, one lap around More BS. Deck was soft, but smooth. It should firm up with falling temperatures for the weekend.

This is a trial year to test fat bike riding at Washburn, so let us know what you think. We are looking for comments from everyone, bikers, snowshoers, skiers … everyone.

We know at 3 miles the fat bike loop is short, but ride the More BS and No BS loop backwards. They ride just as great in both directions, but are very different rides.

Enjoy the weekend.

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  1. I tried riding last weekend twice…but it was too soft both times. I ride 4.5 wide at 2.5 psi…but weight is 235 lbs. after all the fresh snow it seems challenging to get it firm enough. I ended up riding at mud lake and it was fantastic!!!

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