Washburn, Cassian, Nose Lake update 3/13

The calendar is saying spring is around the corner, and our grooming equipment I believe knows that, as well. About anything mechanical we have on hand is saying it’s time for a R and R.  Today the every sturdy Gator rebelled and broke down in the middle of the trail.  Fortunately John Deere makes house calls and got us up and running, but not at 100%.  We will continue to use it, but it’s time on trail will be limited.  Because of today’s breakdown our groomer wasn’t able to finish grooming, and with the repair we messed up some of what was done.  Tomorrow our groomer will be back out to fix the mess and finish everything but the landfill loop, and possibly Judy’s loop.  Nose Lake was groomed today, and Cassian was completed last night.

For the near future, we will continue to groom until we determine we can’t possibly work the base.  If we have to roll either Washburn or Cassian, we can’t.  As of yesterday both rollers at Washburn are down.  So grooming of those two trails will be made as dictated by weather.  Nose  Lake despite having a very old trail tenderizer will be groomed probably until the track turns icy.


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