Washburn, Cassian, Nose Lake update 12/15

Today we were busy on all three trails spending the entire time cleaning up branches and trees that had fallen through the storm.  Secondly we were compacting the snow with just the snowmobile/Gator so that tomorrow we could get the roller through without getting stuck.  Our plan is to then have all three trails completely groomed by sometime Saturday.  Please be patient as this storm was very wet, and takes more time to prepare for skiing.


    1. Sorry Lori, but Nose Lake does not offer fat tire biking in the winter. It is a dog friendly trail system, that has only cross country ski trails and snowshoe trails. I can’t respond to Enterprise, my advice would be to stay tuned to the RASTA trail conditions page, when and if Enterprise is groomed, it will be posted. The big thing for Enterprise would be if the swamps have frozen.

    1. Thank you Patricia, I appreciate your kind thoughts. I will share those thoughts with 9 other individuals who are giving a similar amount of time to the maintenance and grooming of the trails.

  1. Nose Lake is ok on the west side. Would it be ok Dennis to ski clockwise (opposite the recommended route) until the full tracks can be laid? You would be going downhill on the untracked area.

    1. Linda, you can ski the the trail in any direction that you want. The “preferred route” is just something we have put up to assist newcomers to the trail, because the groomers that ski this have found that direction to be the easiest. I have skied it in both directions, but you are free to chose your own path. Hopefully we will have our mechanical issues solved quickly so that we can have tracks again.

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