Trail Volunteers – Get Involved

All trail users are encouraged to volunteer to help with trail building, trail maintenance or event logistics. There are four basic ways to get involved as a RASTA trail volunteer.


1. Trail Work Day

A few times a year RASTA will organize a work day for volunteers to work on building or maintaining a trail.  These volunteer days are typically scheduled to work on larger projects which need many volunteers working together to get the job done.  Trail workdays are critical to our trail management programs and are a great way to meet other trail enthusiasts.  Most work days end with a social pot-luck, good stories and exciting visions of future trails.  The work days will be announced ahead of time on our Facebook Page, RASTA web page and by email to all members.  

Good trails need maintenance (brush trimming, leaf removal, clearing downed timber, etc). We have the tools and we need you to help.


2. Trail Maintenance Group (TMG)

Each trail system maintained by RASTA has a Trail Maintenance Group which coordinates our trail management in the field.  TMGs identify trail building projects, maintenance projects, set priorities, recommend trail use designations and coordinate field work.  We like to have a broad representation on each TMG that represents  mountain biking, fat biking, hiking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing. This is a great opportunity for members to get more involved with our trail management programs and leadership roles with RASTA.  All members are welcome to participate on one or more TMG.  If you are interested in joining a TMG please contact one of the TMG chair persons or send an email to RASTA at [email protected].


3. Event Volunteer

RASTA organizes several events each year which need volunteers to be successful.  These are outstanding events and a lot of fun for participants and volunteers alike.  If you are interested in finding out more about these events you can visit our Event Page.  If you would like to volunteer for an event you can contact our event coordinators listed below.

Snowshoe Hare | Sarah Reidinger | 715-362-5070

RASTA Rally | Laura MacFarland | 715-482-0394

WEMS Rock n Root | Sarah Reidinger | 715-362-5070 


4. Off Trail Volunteer

Some of the greatest contributions from our volunteers is when they share their special skill sets “off trail”.  This year alone RASTA volunteers shared their skills with welding, solar installation, construction, graphic arts, writing, GPS mapping, mechanics, and many more.  All of these “off trail” projects dramatically improved our “on trail” experience. RASTA can almost always use more help with map making, equipment maintenance, sign making, public relations, photography, grant writing and fundraising. If you have a skill set or a special interest you would like to share with RASTA, we want to hear from you!  Contact Laura at 715-482-0394 or [email protected]