Oneida County Trail update 1/28

Nose Lake had its tracks tore up tonight and reset, as well.  Unfortunately, the groomer, snow and myself could not get on the same page.  The end result was a track that I was not pleased with.  The track will firm up tonight, but there are some crumbly components.  It is definitely skiable, but it could be better.   ……next time.

Washburn will have the deck scarified tomorrow, and reset also.  The classic tracks are still in fine shape.

Cassian was rolled this morning, and by mid day tomorrow will have new classic tracks.


  1. Just skied Nose Lake east loop. The track skied in very nicely and is now very firm and well defined. In fact, it was my best ski of the year. I can’t wait to ski it when you like the track set. Great job, thanks for getting out there.

    1. It could have used a second pass of chewing up the old track/deck. Did not become aware of that until after I set the track. As they say hindsight is always 20/20

  2. Is there a problem with the website? I haven’t received the email updates since the January 15th update. I checked all my junk folders and not there. BTW…trails are great!!! Thank you.

    1. Sorry Betty, that you have not gotten any updates. I will pass the word along to out web site coordinator to see if there are any issues going on. There have been several updates since the 15th.

    2. Betty, I got word from our web site coordinator, and there is a problem with our site. However, she is out of town until Sunday. Therefore, she won’t be able to correct the problem till then. However, if you go to the RASTA Facebook page, I have started to post trail conditions there too. As of today, all the classic tracks are in. Cassian was just groomed yesterday. As of today, Washburn is in good shape. Nose Lake was groomed on Tuesday, but will be torn up and groomed by day break on Sat. Hopefully that helps.

      1. Thanks, Dennis. I’ll follow the FB page also. I skied the Cassian trail with my daughter on Saturday. It was great!!! Had to get out there before the warmer weather on Sunday. Question for anyone… How are the trails after that 40 degree day, Sunday? I would guess they are pretty icy. I can’t ski the trails very good after a warm day because I have wider skis than the newer narrow skis, If I ski behind someone with these narrow skis I get stuck in the ice along the edge of the tracks. Also with my skis being thinner vertically, this causes my boots to scrape along the icy sides. Been thinking about getting some newer skis but I am so in love with my old skis.

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