Nose Lake Cross Country Ski Trail – January 24, 2023

The tracks were reset tonight on both east and west loops. Only one pass was made so the sides of the grooming are still lumpy from the canines and foot traffic on the east loop. But the tracks looked pretty crisp and should be really nice in the morning.


  1. We skied the trail mid-morning last Saturday and the trail on the West loop was in great shape! Thanks to those who groomed the trail!

    Question, I know dogs are okay to bring hiking and on the snowshoe trails, but are they allowed on the cross-country ski trails? The only reason I ask is that there was a great deal of damage done to the tracks by large dog paw prints, and several spots where debris had been dug or tracked up into the tracks. I love dogs and have had several Labs in my life, but I don’t bring them on the ski trails with me for those reasons, in respect to others.

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