Nose Lake and Cassian summer mowings 6/15

Both the west loop at Nose Lake and the Cassain Trail from the Timber Lake parking lot to the Beaver Lake parking have been mowed. If you are looking for another trail to hike or bike, they are available. We will continue to mow them as needed throughout the summer.


  1. I was just at the Cassian Trail on that section two days ago. Nice that you have the google map of this updated too. It is so nice to be able to bike this trail. Thanks for mowing!! Question…why can we not take the snowmobile trail to the west of the main trail? Is it becasue it goes thru private property?

    1. Good question Betty but we don’t get involved with the snowmobile trails. You can travel on the ones on County property, but I’d assume or expect that the ones on private property only allow access during the winter when they have their easement agreements with the snowmobile clubs and private owners.

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