Logging at Washburn Silent Sports Trails to Begin July 15th 2023

We have recently been notified that timber harvesting will soon begin within the Washburn Silent Sports Trail System.  The planned harvest is depicted by hash marks in the map below.  This will immediately affect a portion of the classic ski loop trail, as well as a portion of “The Original” bike/snowshoe trail west of Washburn Lake Road.  
This is not a new sale.  Oneida County Forestry staff provided us with the maps and description of the proposed timber sale in April, 2020.  It was sold in November of that year.  Copies of the timber sale map and cutting regulations were posted on the Washburn Trail kiosks in January, 2021.  Cutting regulations are the same as for other sales affecting the silent sports trails. 
The harvest is planned to begin July 15th. We will post notices and maps of the sale at the trail heads and we will likely need to temporarily close portions of the trails within or adjacent to the sale.  There will still be plenty of trails to explore safely while the cut is underway.  We just ask that you steer clear of this area for the time being.  

Washburn harvest