Five Year Plan

RASTA builds and maintains multi-use silent sports trails for public use in Oneida County.  The 5-Year Plan represents our vision for prioritizing our efforts and funding for the next five years.

You can review  the 5-Year Plan at the following link. Thank you for previous input and support.


  1. I find the trails are great for skiing and biking. Hiking not so much. Is there a way to have some of the more popular trails mowed weekly in the summer? Otherwise they are not really useable for hiking or trail running. Also, I don’t see a reason to reconfigure herringbone hill. Most of the RASTA ski trails are easy and it is nice to have one part that is more challenging.

    1. Brigitte, The trails are mowed by the county, and they only mow three times in the summer, with a final mowing as the growing season ends(usually late Sept.). Herringbone is being looked at for reconfiguring because it has been washing out since it was logged a few years ago. It has progressively gotten worse since then. For hiking, I find the fall to be the best time to hike Washburn, since it gets mowed in fall, and there no bugs.

  2. I propose the north section of the Cassian trail from the trail head on Beaver Lake Road to Sheep Ranch Road be designated a dog friendly ski trail. I support the proposal to put in a permanent 3-car parking area on Sheep Ranch Road.

    On the Washburn trail, I assume you mean to refer to improving the steep trail on the north, not south, side of Kiosk K.

    Thanks for all your good work!

  3. I love the proposal to make Cassian and Nose Lake multi- use in non-snow season. Increased mowing would be needed but wildlife should be considered. Please stick with skiing only in the winter.
    Cassian: Yes! Sheep Ranch Road parking is needed. Porta-potty at County K would be lovely. I’m loving the north end access point and would like to see this area designated a dog-friendly trail( at least from Beaver Lake Rd to Sheep Ranch Rd crossing).
    Washburn/Cassian connector: “Construct one way connection loop from northern ski loop to trail going to Cassian Trail. Consider abandonment of section of trail on steep hill south of Kiosk K.” I think you might mean “North” of Kiosk K. I’m not sure I completely understand this- but that stretch of hill(long but not that steep!) on the connector trail is beautiful and fun to ski so I would hate to see it abandoned. It is a little sketchy as a 2 way trail so pairing it with an additional 1 way or 2 way trail would be a good idea. Love the connector! Parking at K to ski Washburn saves some driving.

    Thank you for all you do to make the Rhinelander area a better place for people who love woods and trails!

  4. I am in favor of this proposal, especially improvements to the Cassian Trial for summer use. I agree with other comments to designate some of that trail for dog friendly use, even though I do not have a dog at this time. From my observations with the Nose Lake trail, I don’t see dogs as disrupting the groomed ski trails too much. The sign to “move your dog’s waste off the groomed trails” is a great idea.”
    I think the proposal was well thought out. Thanks so much for all you do for these trails.

  5. Several proposed additions. Nose Lake–Seek volunteers to help plan and build a dog friendly snowshoe trail, probably on the west side ( $300). Continue to mow the west loop twice each summer to control woody vegetation and encourage trail use. Cassian—-Apply for a matching stewardship grant to build another 60 feet of elevated “walkway ” in the spruce/cedar wetland south of Timber Lake Road where there is open water this winter ($4,000 ). Create a turn around loop for the groomer just south of the first snowmobile trail crossing so at least most of the lower third of the trail can be groomed if early winter wet areas in the wetland prevent passage further north ($200). Washburn—Provide for some additional short term/event parking ( $300). Drain and fill the mud hole at Kiosk G to allow summer use and trail maintenance ($200). Enterprise—Place a trailer with grooming equipment conveniently near the trail head.

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