Enterprise Winter Trail



Caution should be used on the “Long Loop” out at the Enterprise Winter Trail.  The County snowmobile trail has been moved and now overlaps with a quarter mile of fat tire / snowshoe trail on Zimmer Road.  Overlapping the trails was an honest oversight and all parties are working cooperatively to resolve the issue safely.  

The snowmobile club has posted a 15 mph speed limit and put up signs that the trail is shared with fat tire bikes.  RASTA will establish a riding lane on the south side of the trail and separated the trails with reflective markers.  The County and RASTA will cooperatively work to reroute the fat tire trail, but we are not sure when that will be completed.  In the end RASTA will end up with a more interesting trail, but in the meantime having extra awareness on this section of trail is advised.

RASTA will continue to groom this section.  Please stay on the riding lane to stay safe.

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