North Cassian (Sheep Ranch Rd to Beaver Lake Rd Trailhead) – The north end of the Cassian Trail (ski trail) has just been mowed.  The trail is easy terrain from flat to gentle slopes.  Since the Cassian Trail hasn’t seen a lot of summer use in the past there isn’t a tread line established for biking, so if you are biking we recommend a bike with at least front suspension for off-road riding.  There are deer fly out so plan accordingly.  Remember there is no parking available on Sheep Ranch Rd, but there is parking just north where the same road turns into Beaver Lake Rd.


Middle Cassian (Timber Lk Rd to Sheep Ranch Rd) – There will be some more logging on middle Cassian this summer, so the trail will not be mowed until early fall.  The trail can be used, but be aware of heavy equipment operation.


South Cassian (Hwy K to Timber Lk Rd) – With the two large wetland crossings the logistics of the trail make it difficult to mow for now.  So we will not be mowing the south Cassian Trail this summer.  The County will mow the trail in Fall, which is an excellent time to get out and enjoy the trail.