Think about doing a shuttle ski on the Cassian Trail.


The Cassian trail is the longest ski trail in the Oneida County system at 9 miles one way.  However, if you are skiing with a friend you can do a shuttle ski using the three parking lots along the trail to break up the long out and back ski.  There are parking lots at Hwy K, Timber Lake Road, and Beaver Lake Road.  Drop a car at one of the parking lots and see more of the trail in a single ski.  Here’s a hint.  There is a slight gravity advantage skiing north to south.


If that’s not enough skiing for you go ahead and link in the Washburn ski trail system with your Cassian ski.  You can ski from the Judy Swank Shelter or from the Washburn Lake Rd parking lot all the way through the Washburn system and continue onto the Cassian Ski trail.


We are so lucky to have so many options.