The entire trail was renovated and tracks set tonight. Get to them before the deer, wolves […]
All trail segments at Washburn cleaned up today.  Classic skiers will find new tracks, and skaters […]
Grooming Report January 6, 2022The entire system was groomed today. We had about 6 inches of […]
Got about 5+ inches of snow today.  All three trail systems were being worked.  Rolling this […]
Nose Lake was tracked this morning.  Expect tracks to be shallow in places, as some grass […]
Thursday December 30, 2021 Grooming Report.The entire system was groomed. The bog is frozen.
Today we were able to set tracks and Washburn.  Even the most sensitive trail segments tracked […]
Received about an inch of fluffy snow last night.  Today the groomers were busy rolling all […]
Monday December 27 trail was groomed. We received about two inches of wet heavy snow. The […]
Finally instead of a melt down to report we got some snow, 3-4′.  We rolled and […]