The entire trail was renovated and tracks set tonight. Get to them before the deer, wolves […]
What a disappointment today as we assessed the trail conditions. We can clean up the down […]
This shouldn’t catch anyone by surprise, but please do not use any trails during this meltdown. […]
What a weekend to get out and ski. Our groomers put in extra efforts to get […]
We received 10 inches of dense snow last night. The Washburn Silent Sports cross country ski […]
Can you believe it!  The earliest the Cassian Cross Country Ski Trail has been groomed in […]
Tracks are set at Nose Lake. One continuous track of 14 kilometers or so from the […]
Nose Lake will be packed later today, Thursday, as the snowstorm eases up later this afternoon. […]
The weather for Saturday’s work day on the Nose Lake Ski Trail looks to be just […]
We’ve cancelled the work day for today. Its too wet to move brush. Its been rescheduled […]