For those lost skis the phone number for the Oneida Cty. Forestry garage is 715-362-9283. Leave […]
A pair of skis and poles were left at Perch Lake, possibly late yesterday. Contact Oneida […]
Nose Lake had its tracks tore up tonight and reset, as well.  Unfortunately, the groomer, snow […]
Both Washburn and Nose Lake were groomed this morning.  The conditions worked perfectly for us to […]
Tonight we rolled Washburn, and tomorrow we are planning on an abbreviated groom.  These warm, soft, […]
Winter is getting the best of us this weekend.  Yes, we are getting more snow, but […]
We have picked up between 3-4 inches of snow.  The forecast is for more snow, albeit […]
Groomed Monday and near zero temperature Monday night makes for a firm base. The trail is […]
All three trail systems have recently been groomed.  Cassian was rolled and tracked today, and those […]
The Enterprise trail will not be groomed until Monday. Thank you for understanding!