After 8+ inches of snow, it took us a while , but Washburn and Nose Lake […]
If you haven’t noticed we have received a good 4-5 inches of snow by mid afternoon. […]
Early on Tuesday 12/24 we will be cleaning up the skate deck.  We will not be […]
All three trail systems have been touched up or regroomed within the last two days.  Due […]
Cassian was groomed again tonight to reset the tracks. The water across the trail approximately 1/2-mile […]
All highland trials were groomed 12/16/2019 and some of the big swamp was groomed. Stay right […]
We received about 2-3 inches of fluffy snow today. Lots of people out on the trails. […]
Both trails were groomed this morning.  Cassian got tracks for the first time.  Just be aware […]
Enterprise Primitive Trail Report……All highland trails were groomed today. It looks like a silky white ribbon […]
Received another 6 inches of fluffy snow today.  All the trails had some work done to […]