We haven’t been grooming the trails due to the warm up and excessive melting that is […]
At Washburn the skate deck was cleaned up today, and some of the classic tracks were […]
Got another 5 inches of more fluffy than wet snow last night.  Washburn was completely redone, […]
Last night we received somewhere between 4-6 inches of were snow.   Tomorrow evening another 4 […]
Nose Lake was groomed on Wednesday.  The west loop did not groom very well.  Tracks will […]
After the last two days of freezing rain, sleet, and snow the trails got a complete […]
The entire trail system was groomed today. Two passes were taken on the deck to grind […]
Both trails were ripped up this morning with new tracks in place.  Due to the dry […]
All of the trails were groomed tonight. Most of the classic tracks were reset. The classic […]
The skate deck refreshed today and was setting up nicely. Classic tracks are unchanged from yesterday […]