Both trail systems had a fair amount of use in the past few days.  At Washburn, a single pass was taken to brush the deck.  Most of the old skier tracks were removed, but there were a multitude of post holes, fat tire tracks, and snowshoe tracks that could not be removed completely.  Most if not all of the unwanted tracks are closest to either parking lot, while the interior trails were looking ok under the low snow circumstances.  The deck is paper thin with rocks starting to appear in spots.  Keep the rock skies handy.

At Nose Lake there was some unwanted foot travel on the trails, but we were able to remove most of them.  The west loop is looking better for ski travel, mainly because the east loop has a lot of stubble poking through, and some large rocks are slowly emerging.  The trail was cleaned up this morning, but still has no tracks.  Like Washburn, rock skies only.


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