Washburn,Cassian, Nose Lake 3/15

Our season is slowly coming to an end.  We will continue to groom as the snow and temperatures allow.  Currently we will not reset the classic tracks at any of the venues, unless we get measurable snow(so far none is predicted).  We will be brushing the skate deck at Washburn.  Washburn is scheduled to be groomed early Saturday morning.  Stay tuned for further updates/closure.

Washburn,Nose Lake update 3/9

Both trails have been groomed within the past two days.  New tracks…new deck.   The trails look like they are in mid season form.  At Nose Lake the tracks are deep, but there are a few pockets where they turned out to be shallow.  Both trails will provide some good late season skiing.  Get out there, because our days are numbered.

Cassian Two-Way Ski Trail, March 8, 2018

The whole trail was groomed tonight and tracks set. North of Sheep Ranch Road there are lots of leaves so waxless ski’s are highly recommended. Immediately north of the parking area on Hwy K, the tracks are shallow in the pines. Otherwise tracks are in good shape, with some sections looking great and others with shallow tracks where the deck is thinner. Really a beautiful trail to ski right now.

Washburn Silent Sports Cross Country Ski Trail, March 2, 2018

We are grooming the ski trails this morning and should be done by 9:00 a.m. We will attempt to set the tracks and should be able to do so based on last nights grooming at Nose Lake. The trail probably won’t be groomed again this weekend as overnight temps will not be cold enough. Enjoy it while we have it folks.

Nose Lake Cross Country Ski Trail, March 1, 2018

The 2-3 inches of wet snow we received today was groomed and the tracks look pretty nice. Ski early on Friday before things soften up and it will be really nice. We probably won’t be grooming anymore this weekend with the warm temps predicted. The tracks looked the best on the west side loop.

Washburn, Cassian and Nose Lake Cross Country Ski Trail Update, February 28th

We haven’t been grooming the trails due to the warm up and excessive melting that is going on. Based on the upcoming weather forecast, we hope to groom Washburn late Friday night or very early Saturday morning if the deck freezes hard enough. If you want to ski, please go early in the morning when the deck isn’t so soft and you don’t leave ruts. We all know more snow is coming and if it comes soon enough we should be able to extend the life of the decks as long as there are no big divots in the deck.

Washburn and Cassian update 2/26

At Washburn the skate deck was cleaned up today, and some of the classic tracks were reset.

Cassian tracks were set this morning too.

Be aware the snow is soft, especially so during mid day.  Try to preserve the deck and tracks by skiing very early, or perhaps don the headlamps for an evening ski.  The tempetures look to be around 40 for a couple of days this week.  We will continue to groom, but the higher temperatures will certainly influence that.

Washburn, Nose lake and Cassian 2/25

Got another 5 inches of more fluffy than wet snow last night.  Washburn was completely redone, new tracks and deck.  If the temperatures stay low, it should set up nicely.

Nose Lake was rolled and had new tracks set this morning.

Cassian was rolled again , and will be tracked tomorrow.

Washburn,Cassian,Nose Lake update2/23

Last night we received somewhere between 4-6 inches of were snow.   Tomorrow evening another 4 inches is expected.  So stay tuned for grooming updates.

Tonight and tomorrow morning Washburn is being groomed.  The skate lanes are being worked on this evening, and Sat. morning new tracks will be put in.

Cassian will be rolled Sat. morning, and again on Sun. morning, with plans to track  it, on Monday.

Nose Lake got new tracks today, and is in  prime shape for some classic skiing.

Cassian and Nose lake update 2/22

Nose Lake was groomed on Wednesday.  The west loop did not groom very well.  Tracks will be shallow, while the east loop tracked better.  Those tracks should be deeper.

Cassian was groomed Thursday.  These tracks set up very nicely

The weekend looks to be unsettled, so stay tuned for our trail updates.