Dear Outdoor Enthusiast,

I would like to sincerely thank you for your previous support/interest in RASTA. Whether it was financing, participating in trail building or maintenance, volunteering at a RASTA sponsored event, or in some other capacity, every bit of help is greatly appreciated! The silent sports trail systems in the Rhinelander area would never be at the level they are without the wonderful support system behind them.

A few of 2017’s accomplishments include:

  • Sponsorship of the Rhinelander Northwoods Composite Team (middle and high school youth mountain bike team)
  • Upgraded trail identification on Washburn and Mud Lake trail systems
  • Lee’s Loop at Washburn completed except for hand finishing and signage
  • Grooming of fat bike trails at Mud Lake and Enterprise
  • Purchase of a new roller for the Nose Lake ski trail

We are proud of what we have done and looking forward to another productive year in 2018! We received a couple of matching grants (one for elevated trail expansion at Cassian ski trail and one for a ski/bike reroute). We are also considering putting together one or two new races in Rhinelander. We have been asked team up with Ski for Light, an organization which helps visually and physically impaired people to ski, for a possible nation-wide event to be held here in Rhinelander in 2020. With every year comes more trail building and maintaining all of our current trails. That in itself is NO small task!

Please renew/become a RASTA member today! Even if you only use our trails occasionally, every membership helps build a better silent sports community in Rhinelander. Please help expand and elevate the quality of our trail systems (the nature we love to play in) and promote healthy outdoor activities which ultimately help promote the Rhinelander area.

Rich Reidinger, RASTA President

RASTA offers the following levels of membership.

⬜ Bobcat Sponsor​ – minimum $250 $__________ – Choose Donate Button below and fill in amount with Comment “Bobcat Sponsor”

⬜ Trail Builder Sponsor ​- $100-$249 $__________ Choose Donate Button below and fill in amount with Comment “Trail Builder Sponsor”

Family Membership​ $50; Number of family members

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Single Membership​ $30

Associate Membership​ – $15 (no voting privileges)

⬜ ___________ And of course, any other amount is greatly appreciated.

RASTA also encourages business to support our events and races. We will include your company logo on our website (linked to your website), recognize your contribution on our race registration forms, and display banners/signs, brochures, coupons that you. Sponsorships start at $250 and include some of the sponsorship level promotions listed above. Just talk to us and we’ll promote your support for RASTA.

All memberships include one RASTA sticker but most importantly a wonderful feeling knowing that you are supporting the Rhinelander Area and the nature we love to play in!

Members are for one calendar year starting on January 1st and ending on December 31st regardless of when the membership was purchased.

2019 Membership Form – download in PDF,  print and mail