We have picked up between 3-4 inches of snow.  The forecast is for more snow, albeit […]
Groomed Monday and near zero temperature Monday night makes for a firm base. The trail is […]
All three trail systems have recently been groomed.  Cassian was rolled and tracked today, and those […]
The Enterprise trail will not be groomed until Monday. Thank you for understanding!
As most of you are aware we’re suppose to get a nice dumping of snow tonight […]
Washburn had its deck tore up and reset today.  The classic tracks were hanging in there, […]
RASTA is seeking public input on our draft 5-Year Plan for 2020 – 2025.  RASTA builds […]
Both trails had their classic tracks redone this morning.  We believe we may have solved the […]
Will it ever stop snowing? 3 solid inches of nice snow today and it was groomed […]
Water…water…water… We have two areas we are trying to fix, one southwest of Sheep Ranch Road […]