Nose Lake Grooming Report – December 14, 2019

We received about 2-3 inches of fluffy snow today. Lots of people out on the trails. Tracks were reset and should be firmer than they were. Was able to dig up some of the older snow with our new, marvelous, fabulous, fantastic, outstanding Ginzu groomer and incorporate into the new snow. When I left, the track at the trailhead was already setup and pretty hard. Should be fabulous conditions tomorrow.

Washburn and Cassian update 12/13

Both trails were groomed this morning.  Cassian got tracks for the first time.  Just be aware there are a few spots with some bothersome branches.  As we continue to groom, we are taking care of them.  Prior to reaching the Sheep Ranch crossing from the south, there is water breaching the trail.  This is new, as it appears to be extra runoff from an adjacent wetland.  It is about 5 ft. wide with a depth of 4-5 inches.  Just keep a heads up.

Washburns deck was refurbished and new tracks are in place.  There will be no morning grooming to clean up form this evenings light snowfall.  However, the trail will be brushed tomorrow evening in preparation for skiing on Sunday.

Enterprise Primitive Trail Report – December 12, 2019

Enterprise Primitive Trail Report……All highland trails were groomed today. It looks like a silky white ribbon through the forest. All trails thru the swamp have been snowshoed in. A few of the swamp trails were ridden in with the snowmobile, but we need more cold weather to firm up the water. Lower the pressure in your tires, bring your snowshoes, and snowshoe the big swamp some more.

You can ride 4 miles out then back. Or go backwards for a 2 mile ride then back.

Special thanks to Brian Hegge, Scott Glomski, Dave Daniels, and Phil Newcomb for getting it done.

Washburn, Nose lake, and Cassian update 12/12

Received another 6 inches of fluffy snow today.  All the trails had some work done to them.  Both Cassain and Washburn were rolled, so that by midday tomorrow both trails will be groomed.

Nose Lake was groomed this evening with our newly acquired Ginsu groomer.  It laid down a beautiful track that should firm up nicely for tomorrow’s skiers.

The weekend looks to have some good skiing conditions, get out and enjoy this early season treat.

Enterprise Fat Bike and Snowshoe Trail Update

We have most of the trails snowshoed and compacted with the snowmobile. There are sections of water in the swamp that we cannot get the snowmobile past and therefore have not completed those loops. We are optimistic that these will freeze in the next week and the loops will be connected. Don’t be shy, get out and snowshoe the trails to help pack them down. Especially with the snow projected for tomorrow, Thursday.

Waashburn,Nose Lake, and Cassian update: 12/12

The entire Washburn trail system was reset this morning.  Cold temperatures will spell a hard deck and firm classic tracks.

Nose Lake tracks were reset this morning, and should set up nicely with the low temperatures.

Cassian was finally cleared, packed and rolled yesterday.  Because of the predicted cold temperatures for Wednesday, we are waiting until Thursday to set the track.  Most defintely will be ready for the weekend.

Washburn and Cassian update 12/5

Washburn’s grooming has been coming along nicely.  All trail segments should be ready for all skiers by Sat.  Even for tomorrow the trails are a go, but there could be a few soft spots(remember we got lots of snow).  We will be putting the final touches on tomorrow afternoon/evening, and coming back on Sat. aft./evening to refurbish the deck.

Cassian is another story.  In simple terms, its a mess.  The crew got out past Timber Lake Rd., and what was in front of them was a jungle.  Tomorrow they are going to put the final touches on everything up to Timber Lake Rd. and roll that segment.  it will be skiable, but keep your expectations reasonable.  If time allows they will push beyond todays end,   Do not expect this trail to be ready until the middle to end of next week.

Washburn anbd Nose Lake 12/4

As promised, both trails were groomed this morning.  About 50% of Washburn is groomed and tracked, and another 40+% rolled.  Our goal is to have about 95% of the system up and running by Friday evening.  The  only segment not touched is the landfill loop.  We will get to that early next week.

Nose Lake is all completed.  Due to the mild temperatures the track and deck will be a little soft.  If the weekend temperatures drop as predicted the tracks should firm up.

Washburn,Cassian, and Nose Lake grooming 12/3

Two feet of snow and downed trees and branches are a recipe for slow grooming.  Together they are making life challenging for our groomers.  We are making progress, but painstaking slow.

Nose Lake was packed and rolled yesterday and today.  The plan is to have tracks down by tomorrow noon.

Washburn is is not as close to having all trail segments up and running.  As of this morning, about 1/2 of the trail system has been pack and rolled.  it is suitable for skiing, but not the best.  Tomorrow morning the groomers will be out and setting the deck and classic tracks on those segments that were rolled.  Our plan is to have everything ready by the weekend.

Cassian has not been touched, and probably won’t be until Friday at the earliest.  Even then, it may only be packed and rolled.

Please be patient, we are working as fast as possible.

Last of the season grooming

Today marks the end of the grooming season for us.   The forecasted weather is gloomy for ski trails.  Temperatures will be approaching 50 by week’s end.    What we have been working with is mainly ice.   Washburn’s skate deck was refreshed, but the classic tracks were not touched. The tracks are marginal at best.  Both Nose Lake and Cassian have not been groomed for several days.  There are some tracks at Nose Lake, again marginal at best.  There are no tracks at Cassian.  We would like thank all of you that enjoyed the trails this season.  Looking forward to having you back next year.