Washburn,Cassian, and Nose Lake update 1/23

Well after getting 10+ inches we’re getting the trails closer to up and running again.  About 1/2 of Washburn has classic tracks along with a new skate deck.  The rest will be finished  tomorrow morning, and will be ready to go.  Both Cassian and Nose Lake were rolled again today, and are ready to be groomed tomorrow.  Cassian should be ready by noon, and Nose Lake by the early afternoon.

Washburn,Cassian, and Nose Lake updates 1/22

So far we’ve gotten between 6-8 inches, and its still falling.  All three trails were compacted and rolled late this afternoon/evening.  Depending on what falls tonight will dictate how we handle things tomorrow…roll again or groom.  Stay tuned for further information.

Nose Lake update 1/15

Received a few inches of new snow this morning and afternoon.  The tracks were reset this afternoon and should trim up nicely overnight.  Get out there before the deer mess them up.

Washburn and Cassian updates for 1/15

After receiving a paltry 1 inch on Monday morning we cleaned up the skate deck, but didn’t touch the classic tracks.  We want the new snow to be skied over, so as to cover some ice that was making up the tracks in spots.

Same thing goes for Cassian.  A portion of the tracks especially on the North loop were icy as of Sunday.  Once the new snow is skied into the tracks they should improve.

Mud Lake fat bike trails

Trails were groomed Thursday night and are in good shape.

There is logging at the North end of Terry’s Loop so please be careful and considerate of those working.