The deck was cleaned up today.  It is in good shape considering the time of the […]
Our season is slowly coming to an end.  We will continue to groom as the snow […]
Both trails have been groomed within the past two days.  New tracks…new deck.   The trails […]
The whole trail was groomed tonight and tracks set. North of Sheep Ranch Road there are […]
We are grooming the ski trails this morning and should be done by 9:00 a.m. We […]
The 2-3 inches of wet snow we received today was groomed and the tracks look pretty […]
We haven’t been grooming the trails due to the warm up and excessive melting that is […]
At Washburn the skate deck was cleaned up today, and some of the classic tracks were […]
Got another 5 inches of more fluffy than wet snow last night.  Washburn was completely redone, […]
Last night we received somewhere between 4-6 inches of were snow.   Tomorrow evening another 4 […]