All loops were groomed this morning.  The skate deck is ready for those good skis.  Classic […]
We received 4+ inches of snow Monday.  The downside, is it was a very wet snow, […]
Both trails have been cleaned up within the past two days.  Considering the amount of snow, […]

Washburn,Cassian, Nose lake update 12/28 We received about 2″ of snow yesterday, along with .5″ of […]
Trail was rolled and compacted today.  No tracks were set.    The deck is skiable, but […]
The trails were rolled this morning. As one would expect our deck is not very deep, […]
With the warming temperatures, the trails at Washburn will be closing.  Please stay off of the […]
The east loop was tracked this morning.  Both loops set up very nice.  Good skis can […]
Well, after two significant snowfalls within 4 days we now have something to work with, at […]
As of today we are suspending grooming operations for the season at Washburn.  The deck in […]