Spring skiing season has arrived with frozen decks one day and soft conditions the next. We groomed both Washburn and Nose Lake on Feb. 26th and will be grooming Cassian on Feb 27th. The icy decks have groomed up well, however the tracks are a bit more challenging and require quite a bit of work […]
It looks like we are in for one more day of the melt down.  So if the need to ski is to hard to resist, try to ski in the early morning, or early evening to preserve the trails.  The base is still in good shape, but with colder temperatures on the horizon, overuse could […]
Received 1-2 inches of snow last night.  Today we ripped up Washburn and Nose Lake and reset the tracks and skate deck(Washburn).  Tomorrow we will be retracking  Guy Hansen trail.  The groomers should be finished by early afternoon.
Enterprise fat bike and snowshoe trail grooming update……..Wednesday 12th. The entire trail is open and freshly groomed. The swamps are hard. There is a section of upland in the middle of the big swamp on the long loop that might be a little soft but it is only a few hundred feet across.
With the new snow(approx.2″) we tore up and reset everything at Washburn and Nose Lake. Tomorrow we will be replacing the track at Guy Hansen Trail(formerly Cassian).  Recently the trail was renamed in honor of Guy Hansen a member of the silent sport community who has promoted silent sports in the Rhinelander area.  Along with […]
As promised, Washburn was given a new deck and tracks today.  The groomers spent a good chunk of the day ripping up and resetting the deck and tracks.  Considering the condition of the snow, they did a remarkable job in getting the trails ready.  Satisfactory skiing will be available until our next groom.
As you would expect the weekend meltdown left all three trail systems very icy.  It did not leave our groomers very workable snow.  However, we did get out and tear things up. Nose Lake was tracked on Monday, and is very skiable.  I skied both loops today, and I had a great ski.  The tracks […]
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