Washburn,Cassian,Nose Lake update2/23

Last night we received somewhere between 4-6 inches of were snow.   Tomorrow evening another 4 inches is expected.  So stay tuned for grooming updates.

Tonight and tomorrow morning Washburn is being groomed.  The skate lanes are being worked on this evening, and Sat. morning new tracks will be put in.

Cassian will be rolled Sat. morning, and again on Sun. morning, with plans to track  it, on Monday.

Nose Lake got new tracks today, and is in  prime shape for some classic skiing.

Cassian and Nose lake update 2/22

Nose Lake was groomed on Wednesday.  The west loop did not groom very well.  Tracks will be shallow, while the east loop tracked better.  Those tracks should be deeper.

Cassian was groomed Thursday.  These tracks set up very nicely

The weekend looks to be unsettled, so stay tuned for our trail updates.

Washburn update 2/21

After the last two days of freezing rain, sleet, and snow the trails got a complete makeover this morning.  The tracks were ripped up and new ones set, and as it cools this evening should firm up nicely.  Along with the tracks the skates lanes were freshened, and they too will be solid.

Nose Lake and Cassian 2/16

Both trails were ripped up this morning with new tracks in place.  Due to the dry snow conditions neither track is in mint condition, but still will provide some good skiing conditions.  Special note at Nose Lake.  The west loop did not groom very well.  The tracks are shallow.  On the east loop, the tracks are better.

Washburn is being groomed this afternoon/evening.  Stay tuned for an update.

Washburn 2/5

The skate deck refreshed today and was setting up nicely. Classic tracks are unchanged from yesterday and were holding their own.

Cassian 2/4

This morning the trail was rolled and later new tracks were set.  The snow was pretty fluffy, so be aware there could be a soft spot or two…  Otherwise favorable skiing conditions exist.

Nose Lake 2/4

Nose Lake has new track this morning.  Keep in mind this was a fluffy snow, so there can be some soft spots in the deck.  Otherwise  favorable conditions exist.  Enjoy the cold temps, while they’re here.  They’ll be gone by March.