Both the west loop at Nose Lake and the Cassain Trail from the Timber Lake parking lot to the Beaver Lake parking have been mowed. If you are looking for another trail to hike or bike, they are available. We will continue to mow them as needed throughout the summer.
Construction of the Haul Road is going to start in the next few days out at the Washburn Silent Sports Trails area. The road extends from Trout Creek Road through the forest using existing ski trails and exits on Washburn Lake Road. Users of the ski trails may encounter trucks hauling gravel and compacting the […]
Nose Lake Ski Trail Work Day, Saturday, May 30th, 8 am until noonish. We need help! The marking and permissions for the reroute of the Nose Lake Ski Trail is done and we need to clear the corridor before the bulldozer arrives to finish the work. What is this you ask? RASTA has been working […]
In light of the recent weather along with today’s rain, we are suspending grooming operations at the three trail systems.  We would like to thank everybody for using the trails this winter, and look forward to seeing you again next winter.
That 2 inches of snow yesterday…resulted in some really nice fresh tracks this morning. Get out and enjoy them before the weekend meltdown.
The tracks were reset on the east loop tonight. Took a little effort but they don’t look too bad. From the shelter to the intersection they are a bit thin as only two passes were made. But they are better in the loop. Get out and enjoy them before the melt down this weekend.
The tracks on the west loop at Nose Lake were reset this morning. They turned out better than I thought they would. We’ll watch the weather and determine if its worthwhile to groom the east loop in the next couple of days. One pass was made on the deck at Washburn this morning as well. […]
Spring skiing season has arrived with frozen decks one day and soft conditions the next. We groomed both Washburn and Nose Lake on Feb. 26th and will be grooming Cassian on Feb 27th. The icy decks have groomed up well, however the tracks are a bit more challenging and require quite a bit of work […]
It looks like we are in for one more day of the melt down.  So if the need to ski is to hard to resist, try to ski in the early morning, or early evening to preserve the trails.  The base is still in good shape, but with colder temperatures on the horizon, overuse could […]
Received 1-2 inches of snow last night.  Today we ripped up Washburn and Nose Lake and reset the tracks and skate deck(Washburn).  Tomorrow we will be retracking  Guy Hansen trail.  The groomers should be finished by early afternoon.