Cassian Trail update 12/4

Trail was rolled and compacted today.  No tracks were set.    The deck is skiable, but only for rock skis.  North loop appears to have the best of the conditions.  Also be aware that deer hunting is still going until Sunday(9th), so wear some blaze orange.

Washburn Trail update 12/3

The trails were rolled this morning. As one would expect our deck is not very deep, just a few inches. The deck is acceptable for skate skiers with rock skis. No tracks have been set, and won’t be until more snow arrives. There was logging in the area, and that accompanied by a wet fall left some significant ruts. Those ruts will impact your skiing until we get more snow to bury them. Be aware there is still deer hunting in the county forest until Sunday, Dec 9th, so wear some blaze orange.

Washburn trails

With the warming temperatures, the trails at Washburn will be closing.  Please stay off of the trails.  They need to dry out completely before they will open again for running, biking, and hiking.

Nose Lake 4/5

The east loop was tracked this morning.  Both loops set up very nice.  Good skis can still be used.  Again to extend the tracks, try to ski early or late.  Avoid the mid-day due to the warm sun conditions.

Nose Lake 4/4

Well, after two significant snowfalls within 4 days we now have something to work with, at least in the short term.  Nose Lake was compacted and groomed this morning.  However, only the west loop has a track.  The east loop needed a lot of prepping before putting down the track, and the conditions got to warm for tracking.  So the plan is to track the east loop early tomorrow.  Currently it is skiable, but not tracked.  It looks like there will be some nice late season conditions at Nose Lake.  To maximize the conditions, try skiing early, or real late, and avoid the afternoon.

Washburn and Cassian are not getting groomed.  With the deteriorating conditions of 10 days ago, the decision was to take the snowmobiles in for their annual maintenance work.  So they are in the shop, and won’t be pulled out again till next ski season.

Washburn update 3/22

As of today we are suspending grooming operations for the season at Washburn.  The deck in the shady areas has about a 5-6 inches of depth, but the south facing areas it will be less.  We already are aware of some spots where grass is poking through.  Temperatures over the next few days will be higher, and rain is predicted for early next week. .  The trails are open for skiers to use, until we have our final meltdown.  Classic tracks are still present, but they are not in very good condition.

Finally, be aware that at least 1/3 of the Perch Lake parking lot is icy and slippery.  Please be careful walking across it.

We would like to thank all the skiers who were out at all the venues this season.  We will see you next winter.

Washburn update 3/20

The deck was cleaned up today.  It is in good shape considering the time of the year.  However, there are a few areas where grass is poking through.   The weekend weather will dictate whether or not we groom.  Stay tuned, this could be it.

Washburn,Cassian, Nose Lake 3/15

Our season is slowly coming to an end.  We will continue to groom as the snow and temperatures allow.  Currently we will not reset the classic tracks at any of the venues, unless we get measurable snow(so far none is predicted).  We will be brushing the skate deck at Washburn.  Washburn is scheduled to be groomed early Saturday morning.  Stay tuned for further updates/closure.

Washburn,Nose Lake update 3/9

Both trails have been groomed within the past two days.  New tracks…new deck.   The trails look like they are in mid season form.  At Nose Lake the tracks are deep, but there are a few pockets where they turned out to be shallow.  Both trails will provide some good late season skiing.  Get out there, because our days are numbered.

Cassian Two-Way Ski Trail, March 8, 2018

The whole trail was groomed tonight and tracks set. North of Sheep Ranch Road there are lots of leaves so waxless ski’s are highly recommended. Immediately north of the parking area on Hwy K, the tracks are shallow in the pines. Otherwise tracks are in good shape, with some sections looking great and others with shallow tracks where the deck is thinner. Really a beautiful trail to ski right now.