We have finally received enough snow to begin putting down classic tracks.  Both Washburn and Nose […]
The west loop was tracked today.  Tracks will be shallow in spots along having a thin […]
Due to the lack of snow on the Washburn trails, and upcoming Boulder Mountain Challenge that […]
Both trail systems got the same treatment this morning.  The groomers just passed the comb over […]
After a disappointing 1+ inch  wet snowfall, only Washburn and Nose Lake trails were cleaned up. […]
Cleaned up the deck this morning.  Not to sound like a broken record, but stubble is […]
Another week has gone by, and again little to no new snow.  None of the trails […]
Both trail systems had a fair amount of use in the past few days.  At Washburn, […]
We received about 2″ of snow last night.  The snow had a nice moisture content and […]
The Cassian Trail has just been mowed from Hwy K to Beaver Lake Road and is […]