Received a few inches of new snow this morning and afternoon.  The tracks were reset this […]
After receiving a paltry 1 inch on Monday morning we cleaned up the skate deck, but […]
We received 3 inches of snow yesterday.  This allowed us to reset the tracks on both […]
Good news for classic skiers.  There is now a track at Washburn.  The track is not […]
The skate deck was reset this afternoon.  Groomers put the teeth down into the deck trying […]
Well skiers, its been a dry week.  The promised snow didn’t materialize, except for a dusting […]
Both trails had classic tracks set today.  The tracks  appeared to set up nicely, especially with […]
The skate deck was set today. The snow that we received was fairly dry, and grainy, […]
We received around 8-9 inches today.  Washburn was rolled today, and tomorrow we will be setting […]
The trails at Washburn were rolled yesterday.  The deck is extremely thin with sticks, grass poking […]