Mother Nature has won out.  She is telling us it is time to call it a […]
Washburn had the deck cleaned up this morning.  With the warm temperatures, it is unlikely we […]
All three trails got rolled tonight, and will be groomed tomorrow.  Both Washburn and Nose Lake […]
Mother Nature showed us her fickle side today.  After we had decided to pass on grooming […]
We have to put our grooming plans on hold for a day.  Temperatures this morning did […]
I am sure everyone is aware of the pending snow this evening/early Wed. morning.  It looks […]
Well, we got another 2 inch snowfall, but unfortunately the temperatures are not going to cooperate. […]
All three trails were groomed within the past two days.  Nose Lake was retracked yesterday afternoon, […]
Now that we are nearing the end of the deep freeze we can once again continue […]
We finally got the snow we have been begging for, but Mother Nature had other plans […]