Author: Brian Hegge

Enterprise was groomed today, New Years eve. Swamps are still wet but the rest is groomed. There were many places where it was difficult to find the trail through the downed trees and sagging brush. The trail is straight ahead in the photo beyond Dave Daniels. Thanks Dave for the hard work you put in.
Cassian was groomed again tonight to reset the tracks. The water across the trail approximately 1/2-mile west of Sheep Ranch Road has a bridge. Watch for the Caution Water signs.
We received about 2-3 inches of fluffy snow today. Lots of people out on the trails. Tracks were reset and should be firmer than they were. Was able to dig up some of the older snow with our new, marvelous, fabulous, fantastic, outstanding Ginzu groomer and incorporate into the new snow. When I left, the […]
Enterprise Primitive Trail Report……All highland trails were groomed today. It looks like a silky white ribbon through the forest. All trails thru the swamp have been snowshoed in. A few of the swamp trails were ridden in with the snowmobile, but we need more cold weather to firm up the water. Lower the pressure in […]
We have most of the trails snowshoed and compacted with the snowmobile. There are sections of water in the swamp that we cannot get the snowmobile past and therefore have not completed those loops. We are optimistic that these will freeze in the next week and the loops will be connected. Don’t be shy, get […]
The whole trail was groomed tonight and tracks set. North of Sheep Ranch Road there are lots of leaves so waxless ski’s are highly recommended. Immediately north of the parking area on Hwy K, the tracks are shallow in the pines. Otherwise tracks are in good shape, with some sections looking great and others with […]
We are grooming the ski trails this morning and should be done by 9:00 a.m. We will attempt to set the tracks and should be able to do so based on last nights grooming at Nose Lake. The trail probably won’t be groomed again this weekend as overnight temps will not be cold enough. Enjoy […]
The 2-3 inches of wet snow we received today was groomed and the tracks look pretty nice. Ski early on Friday before things soften up and it will be really nice. We probably won’t be grooming anymore this weekend with the warm temps predicted. The tracks looked the best on the west side loop.
We haven’t been grooming the trails due to the warm up and excessive melting that is going on. Based on the upcoming weather forecast, we hope to groom Washburn late Friday night or very early Saturday morning if the deck freezes hard enough. If you want to ski, please go early in the morning when […]
The entire trail system was groomed today. Two passes were taken on the deck to grind up the snow. Tracks were also torn up and reset. In general, tracks look nice but there are sections where the snow was chunky and the tracks are shallow. All in all, everything looks nice so get out and […]