Tracks are set at Nose Lake. One continuous track of 14 kilometers or so from the […]
Nose Lake will be packed later today, Thursday, as the snowstorm eases up later this afternoon. […]
The weather for Saturday’s work day on the Nose Lake Ski Trail looks to be just […]
We’ve cancelled the work day for today. Its too wet to move brush. Its been rescheduled […]
We need a couple dozen volunteers help to finish the reroute of the Nose Lake Ski […]
Construction of the Haul Road is going to start in the next few days out at […]
Nose Lake Ski Trail Work Day, Saturday, May 30th, 8 am until noonish. We need help! […]
That 2 inches of snow yesterday…resulted in some really nice fresh tracks this morning. Get out […]
The tracks were reset on the east loop tonight. Took a little effort but they don’t […]
The tracks on the west loop at Nose Lake were reset this morning. They turned out […]