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Enterprise fat bike and snowshoe trail grooming update……..Wednesday 12th. The entire trail is open and freshly groomed. The swamps are hard. There is a section of upland in the middle of the big swamp on the long loop that might be a little soft but it is only a few hundred feet across.
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The Enterprise trail will not be groomed until Monday. Thank you for understanding!
RASTA builds and maintains multi-use silent sports trails for public use in Oneida County.  The 5-Year Plan represents our vision for prioritizing our efforts and funding for the next five years. You can review  the draft 5-Year Plan at the following link. Thank you for previous input and support. RASTA 5-Year Plan (2020-2025)
All highland trials were groomed 12/16/2019 and some of the big swamp was groomed. Stay right or straight at the long/short loop split. The swamp portion of the short loop has not been groomed yet. You can ride the long loop nearly all the way to the big esker in the swamp. That is over […]
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