Washburn,Cassian, Nose lake update 12/28

We received about 2″ of snow yesterday, along with .5″ of rain.  This left the trails soft and mushy.  Luckily the temperatures dropped throughout the day and allowed us to groom them.  Since the amount of snow was light, and the previous deck shallow, all we could do is roll and compact.  The end result was a thin corduroy deck.  At this time no tracks have been set(not enough snow).  All three tails are skiable, but use rock skis.  Washburn and Cassian have some rough spots.  Washburn’s are due to some fall logging operations that mother nature didn’t allow to be corrected.  Nose Lake has a few rough spots on the east loop, and does have a fair amount of vegetation poking through the snow.  Do not expect mid season conditions.  The cold evening temperatures should allow all three trails to harden and set up nicely…again under the conditions.

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  1. JoAnne Rajek says:

    I cannot find this BLOG anywhere on the rastatrails.org website. On the “Trails” page a sentence refers to a blog, but there is no link.

    • Dennis Zielinski says:

      JoAnne, I cannot help you find the BLOG. However if you wish to receive trail conditions updates, there is a place on the “Trails” page to sign -up and receive them. That should work.

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