Month: January 2020

For those lost skis the phone number for the Oneida Cty. Forestry garage is 715-362-9283. Leave message if there is no answer.
A pair of skis and poles were left at Perch Lake, possibly late yesterday. Contact Oneida County Forestry to be reunited with them. They are currently being stored at the forestry shop on forest loop road.
Nose Lake had its tracks tore up tonight and reset, as well.  Unfortunately, the groomer, snow and myself could not get on the same page.  The end result was a track that I was not pleased with.  The track will firm up tonight, but there are some crumbly components.  It is definitely skiable, but it […]
Both Washburn and Nose Lake were groomed this morning.  The conditions worked perfectly for us to get all of Washburn tracked and skate deck reset.  At Nose Lake both east and west loops were tracked, and should be ready for lots of skiing.  We will begin rolling Cassian on Tuesday, with the hope of setting […]
Tonight we rolled Washburn, and tomorrow we are planning on an abbreviated groom.  These warm, soft, greasy conditions are making navigation a challenge.  If all works well we will have a deck and tracks on a portion of the trails.  The hills are off limits as of now.
Winter is getting the best of us this weekend.  Yes, we are getting more snow, but the temperatures are not cooperating and the deck is soft.  We have made several attempts to deal with the new additions.  We are modifying our weekend grooming plans.  Nose Lake has been rolled and the east loop does have […]
We have picked up between 3-4 inches of snow.  The forecast is for more snow, albeit a light snow totaling another 1-2 inches.  Our plan is to roll all three trails this evening.  Because day time temperatures  tomorrow will be above or at freezing, we will groom tomorrow evening.  This way all three trails will […]
Groomed Monday and near zero temperature Monday night makes for a firm base. The trail is not looking so primitive any more. Still waiting for the small stream to freeze before completing the one loop.
All three trail systems have recently been groomed.  Cassian was rolled and tracked today, and those tracks should firm up over the evening hours for skiing tomorrow.  Washburn had its skate deck reset this morning, while the classic tracks from Sat. are still in good shape.  Nose Lake was retracked on Saturday evening, and should […]
The Enterprise trail will not be groomed until Monday. Thank you for understanding!