Month: December 2019

After 8+ inches of snow, it took us a while , but Washburn and Nose Lake are ready for skiing. Washburn needs a little touch up, which should be completed early tomorrow.  Some classic tracks were put down today, but not in all sections.  The skate deck is all done Nose Lake was retracked today. […]
If you haven’t noticed we have received a good 4-5 inches of snow by mid afternoon.  There will be an additional few inches yet this afternoon/evening.  The snow falling is extremely wet, and will take some time to dry out and become workable for the groomers.  Our plan is to get onto Washburn and Nose […]
Early on Tuesday 12/24 we will be cleaning up the skate deck.  We will not be doing anything with the classic tracks.  There will be no more grooming the rest of Chrstmas Eve or Christmas Day.  The forecast for Thursday is calling for some rain.  With that said, Friday looks to be the earliest the […]
All three trail systems have been touched up or regroomed within the last two days.  Due to the warm temperatures and upcoming Christmas holiday, the trails will not be groomed again until Thursday or Friday.  If you intend on skiing them, try to do so early in the morning or late afternnoon.  Avoid the heat […]
Cassian was groomed again tonight to reset the tracks. The water across the trail approximately 1/2-mile west of Sheep Ranch Road has a bridge. Watch for the Caution Water signs.
All highland trials were groomed 12/16/2019 and some of the big swamp was groomed. Stay right or straight at the long/short loop split. The swamp portion of the short loop has not been groomed yet. You can ride the long loop nearly all the way to the big esker in the swamp. That is over […]
We received about 2-3 inches of fluffy snow today. Lots of people out on the trails. Tracks were reset and should be firmer than they were. Was able to dig up some of the older snow with our new, marvelous, fabulous, fantastic, outstanding Ginzu groomer and incorporate into the new snow. When I left, the […]
Both trails were groomed this morning.  Cassian got tracks for the first time.  Just be aware there are a few spots with some bothersome branches.  As we continue to groom, we are taking care of them.  Prior to reaching the Sheep Ranch crossing from the south, there is water breaching the trail.  This is new, […]
Enterprise Primitive Trail Report……All highland trails were groomed today. It looks like a silky white ribbon through the forest. All trails thru the swamp have been snowshoed in. A few of the swamp trails were ridden in with the snowmobile, but we need more cold weather to firm up the water. Lower the pressure in […]
Received another 6 inches of fluffy snow today.  All the trails had some work done to them.  Both Cassain and Washburn were rolled, so that by midday tomorrow both trails will be groomed. Nose Lake was groomed this evening with our newly acquired Ginsu groomer.  It laid down a beautiful track that should firm up […]