Last of the season grooming

Today marks the end of the grooming season for us.   The forecasted weather is gloomy for ski trails.  Temperatures will be approaching 50 by week’s end.    What we have been working with is mainly ice.   Washburn’s skate deck was refreshed, but the classic tracks were not touched. The tracks are marginal at best.  Both Nose Lake and Cassian have not been groomed for several days.  There are some tracks at Nose Lake, again marginal at best.  There are no tracks at Cassian.  We would like thank all of you that enjoyed the trails this season.  Looking forward to having you back next year.

Washburn, Cassian update 3/16

The deck at Washburn was cleaned up this morning, and some of the classic tracks were reset.  Because of the melting/freezing this week, it left the surface very icy, and as a result the tracks that were reset are ok, but not the best.  It was for that reason it was decided not to reset tracks at Cassian.  The trail was rolled on Tuesday, but the mid week rain, thaw, and freezing just left the surface in bad shape, so with that said, Cassian is done for the season.  This week doesn’t look great for the trails.  We will be cleaning up the deck once more at Washburn on Monday.  After that we’ll see how it goes.

Trail update 3/9

Ok folks, we’re at that time of the year when day to day weather will greatly influence any grooming operations.  We have plenty of snow to work with, but temperatures will impact when and if we can groom.  We will groom as long as snow conditions warrant it.  This week doesn’t look good for a lot of grooming.  It looks like we will be able to groom the Sat./Sun. snow.  We will try to roll it tomorrow and groom on Monday.  To maintain the the best conditions for skiing try to avoid the warmest parts of the day.  Ski early or late to maintain the integrity of the snow we have.  By Monday we plan on having Washburn and Nose Lake ready.  We will get to Cassian when better conditions occur.

Trails update 3/6

Washburn was refreshed today and some new classic tracks were set.  The tracks at Nose Lake and Cassian are holding up well.

Trail update 3/2

Grooming has been completed at all three trail systems.  Nose Lake and Cassian have new tracks after last nights 6″ of new snow.  Washburn will be completed by this evening.  As of this morning some classic tracks were not reset, but will be tonight.