Month: January 2019

In advance of the predicted snowstorm on Tuesday, we decided to rip up the tracks at Cassian.  Mother Nature threw us a curve and left us pretty high and dry with that snowfall.  However, since then we’ve had three days of snow showers.  In the end it left us with 2+ inches of fluffy snow. […]
Washburn has had its deck brushed over, and new track were set yesterday.  Be aware there is scattered vegetation trhoughout the trail system.  The new tracks are not deep, since we missed out on the deeper snows of earlier this week.  We have been receiving fluffy snow showers since 1/22, but its not amounting to […]
The trail was tracked for the first time this morning.  Do not expect mint conditions.  The tracks will be shallow, icy, and some spots will have debris in them. Snow texture for grooming was not the best, as the snow was icy.  Continue using the rock skis.
All loops were groomed this morning.  The skate deck is ready for those good skis.  Classic tracks were set, but the tracks are shallow, therefore keep using those rock skis.   In addition, there is some debris in the tracks. The landfill loop was not tracked, because it is very bumpy, and needs more snow. […]
We received 4+ inches of snow Monday.  The downside, is it was a very wet snow, accompanied by light rain.  Needless to say it left us with a soggy deck.  The temperatures did not drop as anticipated until this afternoon.  With that said, Nose Lake and Washburn will be groomed and tracked tomorrow(Wed.).  Both should […]
Both trails have been cleaned up within the past two days.  Considering the amount of snow, they groomed up nicely.  Be aware of the higher temperatures for Friday and Saturday.  The middle of the day is forecasted to be above freezing so try to avoid those times in an effort to maintain the integrity of […]