Washburn trails

With the warming temperatures, the trails at Washburn will be closing.  Please stay off of the trails.  They need to dry out completely before they will open again for running, biking, and hiking.

Nose Lake 4/5

The east loop was tracked this morning.  Both loops set up very nice.  Good skis can still be used.  Again to extend the tracks, try to ski early or late.  Avoid the mid-day due to the warm sun conditions.

Nose Lake 4/4

Well, after two significant snowfalls within 4 days we now have something to work with, at least in the short term.  Nose Lake was compacted and groomed this morning.  However, only the west loop has a track.  The east loop needed a lot of prepping before putting down the track, and the conditions got to warm for tracking.  So the plan is to track the east loop early tomorrow.  Currently it is skiable, but not tracked.  It looks like there will be some nice late season conditions at Nose Lake.  To maximize the conditions, try skiing early, or real late, and avoid the afternoon.

Washburn and Cassian are not getting groomed.  With the deteriorating conditions of 10 days ago, the decision was to take the snowmobiles in for their annual maintenance work.  So they are in the shop, and won’t be pulled out again till next ski season.