Month: January 2018

Got 2-3 inches of snow last night.  As a result it allowed us to tear up and set  a new deck and tracks.   With falling temperatures tonight this will allow both surfaces to harden nicely.  Despite the predicted cold temps. for the weekend, some nice skiing conditions should exist.
The deck was tore up at Washburn this morning.  Due to the weekend thawing it needed a lot of work.  It was resurrected back to life.  If we get the forecasted snow on Tues./Wed. it will certainly help conditions.  The classic tracks were left alone. Cassian had its tracks tore up today, and new tracks […]
The deck was tilled tonight and looks a lot better than it was today. Most of the snowmobile grooves from the grooming this morning were removed and the ice crust has been tenderized and should be in really nice condition. The tracks have not been reset since the meltdown on Friday. Some are in okay […]
As of early this afternoon all three trails were groomed and ready to go.  The last amount of snow to fall was somewhat dry, and is not packing the way we like it, so the deck is a little soft.  Otherwise we should have some nice skiing conditions.
Well after getting 10+ inches we’re getting the trails closer to up and running again.  About 1/2 of Washburn has classic tracks along with a new skate deck.  The rest will be finished  tomorrow morning, and will be ready to go.  Both Cassian and Nose Lake were rolled again today, and are ready to be […]
So far we’ve gotten between 6-8 inches, and its still falling.  All three trails were compacted and rolled late this afternoon/evening.  Depending on what falls tonight will dictate how we handle things tomorrow…roll again or groom.  Stay tuned for further information.
Tracks were reset this morning.  Coverage is good, but there are some oak leaves falling into the track on the north end.
Groomers were out this morning touching up the skate deck, and also reset the classic tracks.
2-3 inches of snow fell overnight. Both east and west loops were groomed and new tracks set. They look pretty nice.
Received a few inches of new snow this morning and afternoon.  The tracks were reset this afternoon and should trim up nicely overnight.  Get out there before the deer mess them up.